Senior Citizen Discount

E.M. Heath, Inc. offers a senior citizen discount to our valued customers every Thursday except when the store is closed due to a Holiday or any other reason. When this occurs a notice will be posted of an alternate day to receive the discount. To qualify for a discount you must be 60 years of age or older, apply for and receive a discount card at the courtesy booth and show your card to the cashier at the time of your purchase. Stop by the courtesy booth for more details.

MVSB Generations Gold

E.M. Heath, Inc. proudly participates in the Generations Gold program offered by Meredith Village Savings Bank. Please contact the Meredith Village Savings Bank nearest you for details.

Case Lot Purchases

Do you have a big family or just stocking up for the long winter season? Did you know that when you order full cases of product (excluding weekly specials or other special pricing) you will receive a 10% discount on those items? Place your order at the courtesy booth and start saving now.

Gift Cards

Are you a business? Do you have employees? Would you like to reward them for a job well done? How about an E.M. Heath, Inc. Gift Card to show your employees you appreciate them. And best of all you can get more value by buying E.M. Heath, Inc. Gift Cards. When you purchase a minimum of $500.00 worth of Gift Cards you will receive an additional 5% of your purchase in Gift Cards. If you purchase over $2,000 worth of Gift Cards you with receive an additional 10% of your purchase in Gift Cards.


Spend $500.00 receive $525.00 in Gift Cards

Spend $2,000.00 receive $2,200.00 in Gift Cards

Place your order today and start saving! Please contact Shannon in our corporate office at 253-7558.