Management & Officers

Corporate Office

President: David Petell

Acct. Dept. Manager: Shannon Libby

Store Management
Store Manager: John Cohen
Assist. Manager: Elizabeth Mannette
Front End Manager: Carly Stanford

Meat Dept. Manager: Betsy Lombardi

Produce Dept. Manager: Joshua Iverson

Deli Dept. Manager: Thomas Lemay

Bakery Dept. Manager: Bonnie Carbone

Dairy/Frozen Manager: Jamie Mudgett

IT/Receiving Dept. Manager: Casey Weeks

Officers and Directors
Director and Chairman: Robert E. Heath
Director and President: David A Petell
Director and Vice President: Holly Heath
Director and Treasurer: Roger C. Heath
Secretary: Michael Persson, Esquire
Director: George Hooper
Director: Cindy Oxton
Director: Theodore F. Fodero Jr.

JoJo`s Country Store Golden Pond Country Store

Store Manager: Robin Weeks Store Manager: Jessica King

PIC (person in charge):Susan Assistant Manager: John O`Hara

Meat: Bob